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Why did we bother?

We love beer pong but it has its limitations. We’ve all "fallen asleep" a few times waiting for someone to finally finish off that 30-minute game only to get screwed by some hotshot who "didn’t see" our knock on the table. We’ve all had that partner that can’t hit the broad side of a barn, never mind a cup. And let’s face it, we could all use a bit more exercise to offset those "light" beers that our post-pubescent metabolisms can’t quite keep up with. Regardless of us all "growing up", we still love to have a good time. We turned up the heat and made our game rapid fire. Not only is the shooter running for balls but "swivel hips" on the other side is re-enacting his morning Russian twists. We also exterminated trolls by having the player and catcher on each team work together on every shot. Now, that backboard isn’t exactly the barn door, but it’s better than nothing for your depth-perception-challenged partner. Play it anywhere, literally.


How to play

Did you try playing and realize you had no idea how?
If so, here’s a guide on ‘how to play’, from our dysfunctional family to yours.
For video instructions click here.


Ready, set, go

Strap your partner into the Body Pong unit, tightly enough so they can’t escape but loosely enough so they can show off those Shakira-esque hips. Load up the tray with cups containing your favorite beverage. Each shooter stands 8-10 feet opposite their partner with two balls each. After the first shot, all balls are fair game and the goal is to sink all the cups, rapid fire. The catchers can’t use their hands at all, but hey, do whatever else it takes. We have seen everything from back flips (not recommended) to headers (not very effective).

The cups

After you sink a cup and you are done taunting your opponent, the team’s catcher gets rid of the cup and it's contents. Whether that means showering the opposing shooter, or making him/her drink whatever sand-filled concoction you’ve now created, we’ll let you decide. Each team is allowed one re-rack per game, but user discretion is advised.



Back it up with the backboard

The backboard may be used to help terrible shooters finally get the ball in a cup. This still only counts for one cup, but can be used to save teams from embarrassing defeat. For any sly shooters on the other team, they can swat at a ball that has bounced off a backboard, or a cup for that matter. If you don’t like this, then fine, don’t play this way and we just won’t talk to you at the next family gathering.


The first team to get rid of all of their cups wins. You should be able to gloat in the fact that one of your opponents is now quite wet or quite ‘full’.

Getting Setup

Stuck on how to put together your new toy? We've got you covered. Click on the picture to the left to view the setup video from our founder.



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